cosplay mari makinami race queen anime north

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  2. superfluousingenuity said: You. Are beautiful. You have the cutest frame and a really sexy tummy… Just sayin’ >.>
  3. aloadofbs said: looking good! I love your skirt, but I dunno if there is anything you can do about the armwarmers being baggy. But its turned out quite nicely overall!
  4. bunny-leech said: the hem of the top looks uneven. the straps are a bit wide for your frame. but very good job working with all that stretch for the first time.
  5. baker-p-i said: Wow…damn. This is an example of cosplay going right. Good job, Jenny.
  6. kinii-noko said: Fantastic!
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  8. we-unhallowed said: your hip to waist ratio makes me want to pursue a sexual relationship with you
  9. literallysokka-archive said: well i cant comment on the quality of the costume but WOW you certainly look incredible in it!
  10. movieman said: HOT!!!
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