Coffee is a Vitamin

  1. ap4nduh said: AHHHHH! I’m dying to know where you got that shirt!
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  3. horsehoesandhandgrenades said: A
  4. srriot said: Like the first one
  5. ashemountain said: Numbah 2.
  6. endlesslyunamusing said: bottom one
  7. electrickitten said: Top
  8. thanatosdrive said: top, jackets are spiffy
  9. mentethemage said: the former i like better, but in the second i can see your shirt better
  10. kinii-noko said: First one!
  11. thebigfatkillingjoke said: 1
  12. callingcurtis said: The first
  13. metamaterials said: if the jacket in the first one is also Jinx brand then that one, otherwise bottom one
  14. moguel said: I like them both but I think the first one.
  15. carolineful said: Bottom one
  16. ednons-blog said: I like the first one, it’s more frontal!
  17. companycar said: first one
  18. tokyothree posted this

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