There you have it. Before these my hair was half way down my back in grade 12 highschool. Chopped it off to chin length on my 18th birthday. The next year coloured a portion pink in my cosmo class. Then that faded out and I worked at the salon where I was a guinea pig. They coloured it shades of red, then bleached it out for a Paul Mitchell class the next week.

Shown here is 2007-2011

gpoy hair history

  1. nickolie said: I often forget you were blonde. I also often forget that you were in fact super cute with short hair.
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    Jenny, why are you so beautiful!? :O
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    Yissss, this makes me a happy panda.
  4. peachsss said: hotrod hootenanny is the best. No doubt in my mind.
  5. therussianrevolver said: I love all of these. Fuck. Lmao, especially the fucking windy hair goddess thing you got going on in the last one. So fucking awesome, haha.
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